How can we find joy in the midst of a global pandemic?

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, it is us women in the forefront. Taking charge of home responsibilities, homeschooling kids and also trying to meet up our work deadlines.

It’s work from home and work for home!

During this challenging phase, we have to not only take care of everyone’s physical health but also their emotional health.


Lady, how are you planning on doing all this without taking care of your emotional well-being first?

Yes the internet is full of positivity right now. Open your Facebook or scroll down your Instagram feed and there it is.

Only if all this was as simple as logging into your social media. Well, I realised after some days passed into the ‘lockdown after lockdown’ that I have to find the key to it myself.

So I set on a self exploratory journey and even though I wouldn’t say I have reached my destination yet but I have tried to make the way to reach it a bit fun.

How does one find joy constantly and remain positive always? Well, the harsh truth is that I don’t think that is even possible. We have to make space for feeling the lows along with the highs. The only thing that works for me is that while I do allow the lows, I make sure to acknowledge them and learn more from them. Then take the lesson and move on to a space where I am at peace with them. The important part is the journey about learning from each phase and growing a new version of yourself from that wisdom.


The entire experience is in the journey not just reaching your destination, so here goes the list of ‘not an expert nor a guru’.

  1. Do not recharge your dish TV, you will not only save on a hefty monthly fee but also save your sanity from the inane shouting matches and horrific statistics on all the news channels. Well, you not only will be saved from the confusion of whether a vaccine has been discovered yet or not but you will definitely discover a way out of this mental maze of the so called ‘news’.
  2. Dedicate at least 30 minutes or an hour if possible to yourself in the morning before you start your chores or in the evening when you can relax. Read a book, do yoga or any form of exercise or simply put on your favourite music and just move. If you are not in the mood for that then try meditating in the peace and quiet. This time is what will build your resilience and believe me, you will actually look forward to it every day. And make it a daily practice and not an one off thing.
  3. Do Netflix and chill but keep in mind not to binge watch, as you will have plenty of chores waiting for you in the morning. So rest well and sleep for the minimum hours required.
  4. Parenting is hard on most days but even harder during lockdown. There will be screaming matches, and there will be bonding moments to make up for it too. Let’s just be nice to each other, this time is hard for everyone especially the younger ones. Create a structure and routine for them but let them be if they don’t feel like following it sometimes. They never informed us that this time would require ninja warrior like qualities and Zen mode at the same time.
  5. Learn something new – a recipe, painting, dance or journaling maybe. But please do not make it a rat race , do whatever fills your heart with joy and happiness. The secret here is, the positivity that you get here will trickle down to your relationship management.
  6. Do give yourself that day or time to mope, laze and binge eat that chocolate. It’s ok to feel low sometimes! It is exhausting to be positive and smiling always. Feel the blues but don’t let them stay on for too long. Get up, dust up and wear your cape on for another day of the life in the lock down.

Most importantly, pause and ponder on life and the way we are leading our lives till now. As the usual defense mechanisms and distractions are all closed for now, reflect on what needs to stay in your life and what needs to be discarded for your growth.


These are my learning experiences from these times and I would love to hear from you about your experiences.

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An inclusive and holistic community to promote personal growth and holistic well-being. We offer personal and group sessions using Expressive and Creative arts modalities in a therapeutic way.

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