Switching to a quality life with Sahana

Its that time of the week again, where we feature the #Bosswomen of Hyderabad. And this time it is Sahana Rabindranath – Trainer, Coach, Counsellor and Therapist. She is the Founder of SwitchNov that offers Counselling, Therapy, Transformational Coaching and Training. Her deep interest in holistic wellness and experimentation with several holistic healing techniques such as EFT, Aromatherapy etc., resulted in a greater understanding of human psyche.With her integrated knowledge and experience, Sahana excels at Transformational Coaching and Therapy in diverse areas such as overcoming learning challenges, perseverance, relationship challenges at work/home, anxiety, depression, fear of public speaking, weight management and nervous habits in children and adults alike.

Here’s our tete- a – tete with her:

Q1. How did your idea of Business come about?
Sahana: I have always been enthusiastic about bettering my own life and the lives of others and helping them achieve their true potential. While I was working, the option to pursue psychology and ample opportunity to apply tools and techniques in various methods that intrigued me such as CBT, NLP, RTT and the like, including those not in the purview of traditional psychological methods, such as Reiki, EFT etc., presented themselves.
My corporate job as a Trainer and subsequently L&D Manager was focused on improving behavioral aspects that enhanced performance. This role put me in touch with several aspirants, right from recruitment to their promotions at different levels within the organization.
Having studied and practicing Counselling, Coaching and Therapy all through, it seemed like a natural culmination to set up SwtichNov. As the name suggests, SwitchNov stands for quick, profound, lasting transformation.
It’s my firm belief that there are methods that can change or alter most psychological states in a manner that is simple for the individual who requires that change. That drove me to practice and polish my skills to deliver results in a short yet effective way.
Q2. What was your key driving force to become an Entrepreneur?
Sahana: To be able use the vast knowledge that I gathered and methods I developed to help people improve their day to day lives was my key driving force.
There is often the misconception that Coaching/Therapy is used only to solve problems! I’ve worked with entrepreneurs who wanted to improve their public speaking skills or reach a new financial benchmark they have set for themselves.
Setting up SwitchNov has given me the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life – school children, people preparing for competitive exams like UPSC,GMAT,IELTS etc. or through courses like CA, CS etc., home makers, individuals who want to be better parents, entrepreneurs to individuals who need help overcoming personal challenges from planning to anger management.
Apart from one on one work, we offer group therapy, coaching and Corporate Training.
SwitchNov offers Counselling, Coaching, Therapy & Training.
Being able to work with such diverse individuals and age groups is definitely one of the drivers that keeps me going back to work each day.
Q3. How do you market your business & what tactics have been most successful?
Sahana: Most often, in such work, word of mouth or personal referrals is primary. 90% of our clients are referrals.
Sometimes, when we work with a child, the father may come back seeking help for some other reason. Friends refer SwitchNov.
Apart from that, we have an Facebook page, LinkedIn page and Website.
Q4. What piece of advice would you give women who would start a business of their own?
1. Follow your heart
2. Take one step at a time, consistently
3. Do one thing every day in the direction of improving yourself and your product
4. Don’t panic when things are not working your way – just hang in there and you will find your way!
Q5. What entrepreneurial tricks have you discovered to keep you focused and productive in your day to day schedule?
Sahana: I use the first business hours to manage communication. The rest of the day is planned through appointments. Since this work involves intense listening and thinking constantly, appointments are set a little apart so that there is a small break in between.
Whenever possible, I grab a nap in the afternoon, post lunch for about 15-30 mins – contrary to what we have been taught, this actually makes me more productive!
Those are some really helpful insights and inputs. Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing more good work from your end in this arena.
To see more of their work go to SwitchNov

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