Womenfolk of Hyd turns 4!!

Recently Shubhashree Sangameswaran sent across a list of questions for me to answer about the group, Social Dragonfly and how I multitask 😉
Believe me, now I would like to thank all the Boss Women again for obliging me and answering all my questions and sending your replies on time 🙏💕
These questions also made me realise that the group has now turned 4 and the growth has been completely organic. I am so happy we could create such a positive and inspiring platform together.

We decided the best place to post this Q & A – would be here..

Shubh: What drove you to start the group Womenfolk of Hyd on Facebook?
Sammy: The group was formed 4 years back and was originally named Moms of Hyd. I used to be the City Editor for Momspresso then (formerly known as Mycity4kids), and had to cover events happening in the city for kids and parents every week. At that time social media was not so commonly used to post about events and I had to make frequent calls and visits to get all the information. At the same time, I saw great communities growing online in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi and Gurgaon. So I decided to start something similar here in Hyderabad too. It started off with sharing events, slowly people started posting about their events themselves and sharing lovely and inspiring posts. I also noticed a number of friends doing great work were not moms, so they hesitated in joining the group. After about a year I rechristened the group to Womenfolk of Hyd,so we could be more inclusive. But the group is for women only. And now it is growing quite organically and giving a platform to many women entrepreneurs, artists and homemakers.

Shubh: What’s the inspiration behind the name The Social Dragonfly?
Sammy: After sometime I left my position at Momspresso and joined KidEngage as their Content Editor, Social Media & PR and Community Head.
Soon, I realised that I could consult clients on creating digital content for their online platforms and work independently. The best part is all businesses need social media to promote their work. Starting my own consulting agency gave me the freedom to work with businesses in all arenas. Hence, Social Dragonfly was formed.
Since my work is predominantly on social media and also my end goal was always to work towards the social good… so social… While reading up about spiritual and personal growth I came across the dragonfly and identified a lot with its spiritual meaning – Dragonfly symbolises going past self-created illusions that limit our growth and ability to change. It also signifies happiness, new beginnings and change. It also means hope, change, and love. And I would hope all this reflects in my personal and professional life as well.

Shubh: What advice would you give your 12-year-old self about figuring out where your passions lie?
Sammy: I recall my 14 year old self clearly and I would tell her this,” Embrace yourself and be proud of who you are. There is absolutely no need to try and fit in according to others’ perceptions especially your peers. You will find your true passion and calling only on this path. Even if you go wayward, life will bring you back here 20 years later.

Shubh: Do you ever feel creatively stuck, and if yes, what do you do? How do nourish your creativity?
Sammy: Earlier I used to keep my creativity reserved only for work and use it based on my clients. But soon I realised all this untapped potential needed an outlet. I write on my blog and create posts for my personal profile to channel that creativity. I decided to do create things that I would love to see and not wait for other people’s opinions or validation. This is how I self-published my first book. And somehow that work finds its own audience. When stuck, I try to do these things ( literally move – shake things up, instead of regular yoga I do yoga flow dance, instead of creating work content I journal for a while till I get in a flow. I attend workshops to learn new things, read a lot and I never feel ashamed about reaching out to people whose work I admire and talk to them. I made new friends this way and learnt so many things from them. My only motto since the last few years has been to continue going on, keep creating if something doesn’t work, work on something new. I keep creating something – a poem, a doodle or simply spend time with my plants and of course listening to music!

Shubh: Favourite three books your read last year?
Sammy:There are so many, this is hard to just talk of 3 🙂 but here you go
1.​Forty Rules of Love Elif Shafak
3.​Women who run with the wolves

Shubh: What the best piece of advice you’ve received regarding running a business?
Sammy:There are a few:
1. Collaboration is key and never be jealous of other people’s success as they have worked through their own struggles to reach where they are today. 2. Never copy anyone, be true to you (authenticity) and 3. There is enough sunshine for everyone.

Shubh: If you were to share your one hack for making things work with all the multiple hats you wear, what would it be?
Sammy: Self-motivation is the first and self-accountability is the second. Third is to plan your working hours and make each minute count – I usually work when my kids are in school and I make sure I make productive use of that time and do not work in the evenings or weekends (mostly). I do have the same schedule for everyday and stick to it militantly 😉

I avoid too many in-person meetings and prefer to schedule calls whenever possible. A lot of work is done through social media apps and that saves a lot of time for work. It also means cutting your socialising time but then you do get quality time over the weekend.

This was so much fun and introspective. Planning many things for the group and will be sharing details with you all very soon! Stay tuned and thank you so much for being part of this community 🤗

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