Why don’t I feel safe anymore?

We are a nation of voyeurs… When an incident happens, we are busy posting online to sensationalize news with empty quotes and meaningless conversation. Even the most well meaning folks and organisations are more concerned about bringing the issue to the fore but nothing is done to share the pain of the victim or the family concerned. Judgement flies around without keeping in mind any sense of civility.

What sickens me the most is the fact that even after all these years and innumerable incidents, women are only given lectures on safety and told what to wear, where to go and what time to leave the house.

Among all the forwards, safety tips, hotline numbers and apps, very few people actually stopped to ask the most important question of all? What can be done to stop this? What action needs to be taken that a man/boy thinks 10 times about even planning such a crime? So that a man does not look at a girl/woman as just an object of pleasure ever again.

While a few people mentioned that more measures need to be taken to spread awareness regarding safety, sexual awareness, consent and respecting the opposite gender. And this needs to be done urgently from the grassroots level up to the urban educated segment as misogyny and entitlement has a trickle down effect.

A little introspection needs to take place where we need to ask ourselves a few questions like whether we are promoting misogyny through movies, songs, forwarded jokes which we ignore and let them pass in the name of entertainment. Is it really entertainment? Or are we creating an environment subconsciously which lays the foundation for such crimes to happen.

The newspaper reports that the site of the crime has become a selfie corner with crowds thronging to take a look at the crime scene with their families. Some even shamelessly taking selfies. A sadistic pleasure of a horrific crime.

While, a section demands lynching of such criminals, I ask whether hooliganism is the answer to this problem?

What pains me the most, is the total inaction from the state and national government who are busy playing their bigger games of power. The perpetrators from the Nirbhaya case have not received the capital punishment yet in spite of all the hue and cry. Right now, we need swift and severe action and punishment meted out not just for this case but all such cases of rape and sexual misconduct.

What shocked me was the total brashness of these perpetrators. They evaded the law just hours before they planned to commit the heinous crime. What gave them the courage to plan this grotesqueness? Was it just alcohol? What gave them the confidence that they can evade the law and order yet again? How it took them minutes to violate a woman and snub her life?

Yes, the police teams have swung into action giving us information about apps and emergency numbers. But, I feel no sense of security for myself or my daughter or for that matter all the women in our country. Why do I have to live in a constant state of fear and panic?

These are the questions that remain unanswered.



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