Authenticity – a long term game for your brand image

I have been posting online so often, yet I don’t have many followers nor is my business increasing??


A question that perturbed many of the participants and me too (at one point of time). But after struggling with this initially I realised, thankfully sooner rather than later. It does not matter how many followers you have online!! Maybe it does for the ones who put their entire business strategy on the numbers. But what we are looking here, is the long term game that is authentic and yes organic too. This is slow, painfully slow but what you are creating and consistently building is your brand. When you post something only that is the authentic ‘you’ and reflects your true work – a brand image is built in the minds of your audience.

My recent session on building one’s personal brand online was attended by some earnest women entrepreneurs. While, we were happy to share the knowledge we have gained over the years we also learnt a lot during the exchange. A lot of questions and the hands on session kept us on our toes. I overshot my allotted time but time just flew. In the end, we women need to be supporting each other. After all, we can only grow once we join hands together. And now a month later, I see them follow those pointers and posting about their brands and businesses creating an authentic personal brand for themselves. 

In spite of all social media activities happening online, I would still advise you to create a community for your audience.

  • Join relevant Facebook groups and share posts about your business or better still, create a group of your brand and link it to your Page.
  • You can also create a Whatsapp group or a broadcast list to reach your customers directly.
  • But remember to post and engage with your audience regularly. If someone posts a query and there is no one to reply back then it reflects badly on your business.
  • Also leave comments on other’s posts, this will help to increase awareness about your business, especially in your local area.
  • Another way to reach out to a wider audience is by getting influencers on board. Identify influencers who will represent your brand image well and collaborate with them.



My friend, you are building an image, a personal brand. And that image is what stays in the minds of your audience and surely the right clients will reach out to you who will resonate with your work.

If that’s not what you are looking for? Well then all I can say is – let’s talk a year from now and let’s see how you feel then.
Stay real, create real connections, do good work. That’s all that speaks for you!


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