Crazy plant lady!

Phytophile – a person who thrives amongst plants. Oh yes, that would be me.

A large part of my life before I got married and left my hometown, was spent either in my garden or balcony amongst plants, trees and Mother Nature.

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I was totally oblivious to the fact that I was so attuned to nature around me that it had not only kept me sane but provided an important natural element in my life.

After I got married and started living in an apartment complex bang on the main road, I realised how far I had come away from my plants and my garden. I felt like I was in a box and it suffocated my creative forces as well. I longed for the days when I could just go out and gaze at the night sky or admire my greens whenever life got tough, that always gave me the strength to carry on.

My childhood memories consist mostly of climbing trees and of course a few scars which i got to show now as well. ( something that is totally alien for my kids as there are no trees around to climb on.) I remember even studying in my garden or terrace and prepare for my final exams.

About 2-3 years back, I had an immense yearning to get back to nature and would plan activities to somehow spend more time outdoors. I realised the one thing missing in my life were my plants and the time I would spend with nature.

Have you seen someone driving but stopping at the red light admiring perfect blue skies and trees swaying in the wind while the cars at the back would honk to move quicker? Well, that’s when it struck me how much I missed it all.


I would spend a lot of time at a friend’s house with lovely bougainvilleas and a gorgeous garden so that I could enjoy being with nature and greenery around. And I would go for evening strolls gazing at the trees, plants and the huge rocks which we are blessed to have as part of our flora and fauna in Hyderabad. We also found a small park near our house which has a small walking path and trees untouched with huge rocks around making it a small haven for us to just soak in some nature whenever the concrete jungle seems overbearing.

Then one day, after conducting a talk in a school on child safety I was gifted a beautiful plant in a ceramic pot by the faculty. And that’s when I realised if I could not have plants in my balcony which faced the pollution of the main road and harsh sun, I could certainly keep a few potted plants in a few corners of my room and bring nature inside to me!


One pot turned into 6 and slowly my soul got in touch with nature again.


So yes, these plants are not just little babies to me but also my way of staying close to my roots.


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