Vacations Are Just So Overrated!

Going on a holiday and traveling to a beautiful destination is so overrated!

I mean it does give you hope to survive your daily routine of drudgery or work, as it’s commonly known. You keep dragging your feet and plopping yourself in that desk because soon you can imagine yourself chilling on a beach chair sipping a mocktail and reading a book.

And you know, very soon the alarm clock will not rule your life, filling dabbas and making school runs will soon end, albeit briefly. But such a dream to even dream just seems so delicious.

Soon, the week before your travel arrives and you are not just overcompensating and overworking at work and at home because you want to finish all pending work so you can “enjoy” your dream vacation and also feel less guilty for taking time off.

day before and you are just beyond exhausted running around doing last minute errands, finishing all work and meetings because you will not be “available” for the next 5 days.

I mean, just think about it. We have gone and just twisted the whole thing of a vacation to a whole new level. Where is the fun and relaxation? When you are still stressing over your vacation wardrobe?

Finally you do manage to reach your destination while sporting the perfect “airport look”.

Boy, that was a lot of work just to get to your vacation!

And now what, did you get time to skip into your swimsuit and just soak in and relax… Aaah!

Summer holiday background, Beach accessories on white wood and c

But don’t  you have another to-do list to cross out now?

1. Perfect pictures for your Instagram

2. Visit all the popular touristy spots. Check into your social media.Otherwise, you can never vouch that you actually “went” to XYZ country.

3. Post all the food and drinks pictures before you actually enjoy eating it.

4. Sign up for all the adventure sport activities. Well, you have to look cooler than your other friends who travelled to that place earlier.

5. And of course, you have to click and post the happiest pictures with kids in tow. Who cares that a second ago all of you were pulling your hair out to get that perfect shot.

In a blink the 5 days will shoot by and it’s time to head back home. And the gloominess reappears as the normal routine and deadlines await you. Not to forget the major unpacking that needs to be done. Plus catching up with all your friends and the school friends about everything you missed while you were gone.

When reality sets in, you simply realise that best was to just switch your phone off, make sure the ‘bai’ cooks, cleans and helps you unpack while you just read a book , put some relaxing music on and lift your feet up in the comfort of your home.

Aren’t vacations truly overrated when you need another just to recover from it!

Hope you liked reading this, while I go and start planning my next vacation :))


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