Ice Cream – A short story

Summer heat always put her on the edge. A normal conversation would waver into an argument within seconds. But today was different, she was determined to keep her cool even though the temperature outside had risen to 42 degrees. She could hear a faint noise coming from the kitchen. Roses and milk was strewn all over the counter. Why were all these things out there? Who took them out and never put them back. But her mind was still filled with thoughts of their arguments from last night. She always felt that he never respected her work as much. After all she was just a writer! And he had also called her naive. He did not believe that she could make it big one day and that everyone around them appreciated her writings, including his friends.

She walked to clear up the mess and this huge bowl of rose and milk ICE CREAM came in front of her eyes out of nowhere. It was HIM with his labour of love in his hands looking expectantly at her face. And he shoved a big white envelope addressed to her. With a gasp she realised, it was the logo of the big publishing house where she had submitted her manuscript. With tears in her eyes and shaking fingers, she opened it to see that her book had been selected to be published. Her work? To be published!! She knew something good was to happen today.

Her face changed into a big smile while both of them shared the yummy dessert forgetting all about the heat outside.

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