Living the Beach Life in Goa with Kids – Travel Diary

The past few days have been an exhilarating experience where we were exploring Goa and the beaches with the children.

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The first part of our trip consisted of living on the beach in gorgeous handcrafted shacks. The shacks on Palolem Beach were air conditioned and pretty clean with great service and quite kid friendly.

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I can easily sum up the place to positive and calm vibes of the ocean combined with the flavours of some Goan cuisine that gave us some amazing memories to take back with us. While temperatures were quite high in April, our outdoor activities took place in the mornings and evenings when it was quite pleasant and breezy. We would stay indoors for a nap or play games in our room during the afternoon.

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I carried loads of sunscreen as the kids were mostly playing on the beach. The kids and I also explored swimming in the ocean since the waters were not very choppy but quite shallow.

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I had also bought ‘sun guard’ tops for them for some relief from the harsh sun. I loved catching up on my reading while lounging on the beach chairs and our meals were taken watching the crashing waves and toes dipped in the sand.

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Come evening, the lounge chairs were packed off and the shack laid out tables and chairs for us to dine in the candlelight enjoying the ocean breeze.

My favourite part was being gently rocked by the waves while swimming in the sea and taking long walks on the beach while the waves caressed my feet.

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After that we decided to visit our close friends’ home in Goa. We had to drive quite a bit to reach the place and could only arrive at the destination after a ferry ride as the small village was situated on an island.

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The house, we discovered was a lovely bungalow built in the Portuguese style and quite well maintained with huge ceilings and spacious rooms. Here, we relished authentic goan cuisine and some fresh fish that was bought from the nearby fish market.

We loved exploring this sleepy but very warm hearted Goan village filled beautiful houses, old churches and lovely people. We took the kids to a small hill nearby for a hike discovering gorgeous birds, cashew nut trees and blackberry bushes on the way up. On top of the hill waited a 400 hundred year old shrine with a magnificent view of the setting sun.

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Last two days we stayed at a common friend’s Goan home, somewhere near Majorda and lived the Goan life , is albeit for a few days. Our Goan friend took us to small hidden beaches and also introduced to eateries that were not frequented by the tourists but only by Goans. This whole trip can be summed up to an authentic experience of Goa.

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And it was a return to unstructured and uncurated fun for children minus the gadgets. It reminded me of my childhood days where we came up with ideas to play games or have interesting conversations with friends to pass the time instead of our parents keeping us busy with some activities or the other.

Isn’t it funny how we would just have nothing to do and yet be so busy enjoying ourselves. And now, we have to make sure our kids are busy attending summer camps , or arrange playdates for them – some of the woes of the modern times, I guess.


Happy kids with big smiles, sunshine , sea and sand in their pockets have just returned home from their beach holiday.

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