Follow your heart!

There are days when it pains me to see young girls- educated, confident working and independent make their life goals to be just being ‘married’.

Even worse, when they say I don’t want to work now as I am getting married. Clearly, it’s your choice to work or not but do not make marriage your end goal in life.

Personally, I feel it is another phase of your life where you choose to partner with another person and spend your life with them. But that is not your entire life, you have invested so much time and money on your education, later working your ass off in a job to make a career for yourself and leaving it all away, just like that.

On the other side, you are thinking I am starting a new fairy tale life. Once the excitement is over, you being the centre of everyone’s universe gets over too. Then it’s just you and your unfulfilled dreams and creativity that never got channelised. And the day you realise that would be when you are in your thirties and have two kids. What will you do then?

A rant that comes out when I see such talented young girls not caring enough for themselves and their work.. a note to my 20 year old self from the 30 year old something ‘me’.
Hello! From the other side..

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